You can travel back in time and have dinner/chat with one person in history, who would that person be?

No, it’s not a date (although I guess you can turn it into one if you flirt a lot). It’s more like an interview or casual talk. Yes, the person has to be dead or else there’s not much “travelling back in time.”

Uncover the magic behind Antonio Vivaldi’s compositions, understand what was going on in Napoleon’s brain when he thought invading Russia was a good idea, make a Top 10 List of things needed to be successful with Walt Disney, listen to a bald, fat, drunk, old British guy talk about perseverance through the darkest times while smoking a massive cigar.

Could even be someone evil (but not too evil, if you know what I mean), like who the hell is Jack the Ripper, things like that.



Kentaro Miura, hands down. Wouldn’t be that far back and there would be an obvious language barrier (sure it’s magically removed somehow) but still I don’t really have any interest in anyone else. Creator of by far my favorite story, not just my favorite manga. It triumphs any show, game, or movie for me.

I’d probably ask what his plan for Beserk was, if there was even a set one. Other than that we could talk about anything, it’d all be equally honorable.

when i saw the title the first person i though was hitler sorry.

but if not then… michael jackson

Justinian I
(no reasonings)

Jesus of Nazareth

Time to uncover the secrets of the universe

jeffery dahmer ror jesus christ

Did you relly necrobump a 7 month old post about time travel shit just to say “jeffery dahmer ror jesus christ” :fr:

Is there a time limit to when you can use this offer?
I’d wait till everyone i love is dead, and then use it

sus ngl

anyways for me


fortnite jonesy :smiley: