You have a magic but your magic affects the body. What is your Con and Pro?

It HAS to be something that I guess does make sense like

If you have glass magic, your body will be fragile BUT you’re able to create structures made up of glass like into a nice shield and a sword.

For Earth, you’ll be a rock-hard mess, the downside is that you’re not able to walk and barely jump but you’re hard as a rock.

And water, your very weakness is that if you touch anything that can Absorb water (Like sand or a paper towel), you are weakened by a lot and lose hydration extremely fast. But you can travel easily and probably make robberies. (You lack strength)

The more Pros you have, the more downsides you get.

A magic that is something from AO because I don’t want to see random magics that make you powerful that can be like any Cons can easily be countered

A sensible Con and Pro that can affect your body instead of a con that is like “I am earth and can walk extremely fast to the point I am unstoppable but I can’t cut down leaves”. This also pairs with most likely real life as well so if it’s “drink food that’s solid”, yeah no unless your body turns everything into liquid.

Fire Magic:

Pro: I can easily use it as a survivability and can heat up if it’s to cold or somewhat (Fire doesn’t hurt)

Con: Any contact with water will most likely liquid the body and have to regen. Any metal touched will get extremely hot and probably turn into liquid due to Body contact with magic + Metal making it hard to come into contact with tech. And, you’ll easily become dehydrated

My pro: I am capable of growing plants from my body at will and can create massive wood structures instantly

cons: f i r e b a d

also i eat water mm yes water and sunlight

Pro - I can make people cold
Con - I am cold all the time
Pro - I can walk on water
Con - I can melt

I use gold magic.
Pro. I’m soft and malleable meaning I can easily move and can turn anything I touch to gold
Con. I can turn anything I touch to gold.



wind: very fast but also light, can get pushed around very easily
can control fall speed but cannot push/pick up heavy object

You have a dirty mind.


i clean it with bleach every day

Light magic


  • Laser beams
  • Blindness inducement
  • Light bending/manipulation (to the point of invisibility)


  • My light beams are as painful as a strong lightbulb (just like in wom)
  • my eyesight has adjusted to the brightness of my light, so it feels like I’m living in darkness unless my light or a stronger light is present

i have inferno magic but i die from hypothermia in warmer temperatures

Magma magic


  • Magma production and manipulation
  • Phase shifting earth into lava and vice versa
  • Impervious to lava I produce (including lava I’ve phase shifted from earth) and its effects (its heat, fire formed from it, etc)


  • No fine control; the lava I produce only shoots out violently or in bursts, and earth that I phase shift explodes
  • Vulnerable to lava not created by me (can technically be circumvented by phase shifting it to earth and re-melting it into lava
  • No increased resistance against regular heat, lowered resistance against cold

is it just magic arm?

Acid seems it would be funny
everything you touch corrodes
so you instantly fall to the earth’s core

Pros: I can survive the cold with no winter protection which means I can go out in a t shirt and shorts during the winter. Freeze my fists if I add water to my hands.
Cons: No more hot food :moyai:, No more summer :moyai:


Pros: I can probably give people 3rd degree burns on touch; I could kill them by stabbing and then just sticking some magic in them.

Cons: would probably melt my surroundings so much that everything would get scorched

bro you dont need to throw the magic in there if you already stabbed them

i can’t think of anything interesting for lightning or poison so:


Pros - I can change gravity for myself.
Cons - I can change gravity for mys- wait it can’t stop it caN’T STOP IT CAN’T STO-

Ash Magic:
Pro : You don’t need a smoker to smoke foods, you are amazing at cookouts, you get to be arsen irl, you are a chemical weapon
Cons : You have the lungs of a chainsmoker and will die of lung cancer.

Vaping can deliver toxic metals into your lungs, That’s metal, in your lungs!


Apocalypse Bringer


  • ???


  • As soon as i die I take half of the planet with me