You have control of AO now, how do you ruin it

Okay so basically i want you to think of ideas that would basically completely destroy AO’s fanbase and make people hate AO as much as EA

Basically there are 3 rules:

1: No direct violation of the roblox ToS (or laws because idk)

2: nothing that will blatantly destroy the game (like just deleting the game or giving everyone every item)

3: think of something legitmentally scummy to do or something that will actually piss off people

I would personally go the EA route, first of all, I would make AO 1000 Robux to buy/play , 3000 for early access ofc

I would make it so you also have to pay to get any boat over rowboat making late-game near impossible without paying

Instead of unlocking boat parts in chests you have to open lootboxes for them (which cost either robux or an INSANE amount of galleons)

add a 50$ “lost magic tracker” which only works 1/5th of the actual time

and also make it so you have to pay extra robux to unlock more magic slots because :man_shrugging:

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Make every NPC Iris


add legendary weapons that are obtained through charts that put a target on your back and have the whole server come after your head

oh and the charts would be basically unobtainable too

  • random magic system with robux rerolls
  • remove story and make it a bandit beater
  • remove awakenings but keep the stat system
  • faster/better boats gamepass
  • remove the tutorial
  • “increased drop chance” gamepass for boss drops and legendary items



add a max level gamepass, make resetting stat points cost robux, lock the best items behind a paywall, make seasonals come back as gamepasses every year, make a double damage gamepass, make lost/ancient magics able to be bought with robux, make inferno so much more blatantly overpowered than the others and sell it for double the price.

arcane piece online

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lower all drop rates (1/100 for boss drops, 1/12k for sunkens, 1/40k for lost spell scrolls, which you can only get from fishing of course)

2x drop chance gamepass (2k robux)

increase bait cost, fishing rods break, fish value decreased

Genesis Zero

increased distance between islands, coffin boat gamepass

dark sea is a gamepass

level 1000 at launch, but no enemies give nearly enough xp to reach it.

potions are ridiculously overpowered

gunslinger quest 2

RNG based fighting style (affected by gamepass lol)

Make storyline the only way of getting a good amount of xp and make the story quests very hard
“Kill 300 bandit kings”
Oh yea and permadeath

people absolutely would grind for it regardless

only no-lives, so the entire game is dominated by people who haven’t cooked their own food in 6 years (ramen doesn’t count)

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Remember to remove pvp shield so you get destroyed by a level 1000 the moment you join





Dont forget the walking

Step 1. Permadeath
Step 2. Accidentally anger a random shark at level 1
Step 3. “Arcane Odyssey is a difficult game with permanent character loss. Losing characters is a part of the game that should be expected.”

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Re-add guilds gaining infamy from killing non-guild players

-Get rid of stamina and magic energy
-Moves only restriction to being used is cooldowns, making PvP a button mashing dps game
-Add curses to the game
-Curses spawn on random islands every hour in a set location
-Curses are faster and stronger than every other way of fighting
-Curse users are immune to non curse dmg
-Offer a 10 minute curse tracker for a player every time they kill 100 players (lvl doesnt matter)
–Or just let them buy it with robux

-Gg Ez No Re

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Scary how majority of these posts are just inspired by other popular roblox fighting games