Your favorit boss? (of known bosses)

And why

  • General Argos
  • Anchor of Greenwish
  • Sky Boss ( the flying one at trailer (( I think ))
  • Iris
  • Lady carina

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I love general argos skins , looks like so evil and powerfull.

I’m most looking forward to the final boss, from what I’ve heard he really feels like a challenge. Out of the ones on the poll though, I’m looking forward to the sky boss the most.


IRIS :heart_eyes:

argos is like the easiest (iris isnt a boss) but definitely the second coolest
the final boss is probably the coolest, but they are not on the list and i have a skill issue so the difficulty is kinda bs (havent fought since one of the attacks got nerfed)

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Me when no Shura:

The people who picked Iris:

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Argos, purely because of how he looks.

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as much as id like to vote i feel like im gonna need to fight them first before i give any opinions

iris, mage

Iris has a special place in my heart due to her balls, but I have to say General Argos is my favorite. Non-magic builds are painfully underrated, and Argos appears to do an excellent job at giving them some much-needed representation. He has a halberd (ULTRA BASED), and Cursebane seems pretty neat. Argos’ combination of abilities is very cool; Thermo Fist sounds absolutely terrifying imbued in a heavy lance, a mighty halberd, and Cursebane, which basically speaks for itself with those imposing serrations.

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I’ll reply when AO releases. I have no opinion on the bosses as of the game still not being released.

LOL . i am listening this now SpongeBob Music: Twelfth Street Rag - YouTube

We saw Anchor of Greenwish’s full boss fight and it looks pretty fun so looking foward to that :smiley:

O you never watched?


that’s the first time you saw the video?

I know that english probably isn’t your first language or something but i can’t understand what you are asking :smiley:

dude i’m literally not writing greek , i asked if this is the first time you’ve seen this video.
Sorry for the grammar. but , idk

Oh nah, i’ve rewatched the video multiple times