Your first 2 games on your 'continue playing' section merges into one, what is it?

Rise of the Dead + Arcane Odyssey

World//Zero + Arcane Odyssey

Criminality + Arcane Odyssey

arcane odyssey + some catalogue testing game

arcane odyssey+item asylum

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deepsea horror

Neon Knights + Black Magic 2

A top down fighter beat em up game does sound pretty cool. Plus the ability to pick up new weapons along the dive would be epic. I’d imagine it’ll be something like playing savant.

Super Doomspire + Arcane Odyssey

  • you destroy doomspires but with AO combat system
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APOCALYPSE BRINGER, proceeds to make winterveil bombing look like a kid’s toy set.

Decaying Winter + Arcane Odyssey

Arcane Odyssey but you lose everything on death + you have to find shelter whenever its morning

Pirate party

Super Arcane Survival

Arcane Odyssey + Voxlblade

I think it’d be pretty fun doing dungeons together with strangers/friends especially with the combat style of AO lol.

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Close combat focused melee game + long range big AOE projectile game

parrying is removed, posture system added, iframe dodges implemented, melee attacks become the primary source of damage, mana only restores when hitting enemies with close ranged attacks or using potions, all spells and skills are preset but you get them all right from the start, your ability to use the spells depends on your skill and knowledge as a player rather than your character’s skill, the NPCs are better at the game than you are now.

and most importantly blocking is on F now.

entry point + pilgrammed
that just sounds odd

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Man’s going to infiltrate a cult to stop the summoning of Chaos Incarnate while gathering intel.

the final boss would be N with glasses and a minigun

Arcane Odyssey + Nico’s Nextbots

what would that even produce???

no you got it all wrong, he IS the minigun.