Your forum names be like

Everyone, send him a friend request

u poor?

sniper gaming

thats my old account from long ago.

Search up Flare on the Roblox player list and show me an image. NOW!

And then you’ll get a :cookie:!

Wow, really?

it is. there is a number 2

yes, that is my old one.
jesus christ, the grammar there is bad.


How is it bad? Is it because of the comma?

plus, i didnt talk like how i do now back then.
I talked like this,back then
and i talk like this, now.

Imagine your username NOT being the same on everything. Can’t relate.


the Mariana account is deleted, she must have commited heinous crimes


my name is tottaly epic B)

Phewka got hacked, hella sad T.T