Zone Spell Discussion

The lost zone spell currently has little information on it, except that it creates an AOE where everyone inside takes damage. Is that all though? Will the zone also give off similar affects to the magic it is using has?
Maybe a Gravity magic Zone would be similar to a black hole, slowly pulling people into the center. A pressure magic zone could cause everyone in the zone to be pressed down into the floor, unable to move.

If this was the case though, shouldn’t the move be a hold to cast. If you could just set the zone and continue to move around and fire off spells, it would be way too op.

What thoughts do you guys have on the zone spell and the possibility of it’s affects?

we dont know lol


Well yeah that’s why it’s a discussion. Was hoping to hear of some ideas you had for the affects, or maybe propose a way to make the spell more balanced.

Vetex probably doesn’t know what it will do when used by specific magics. Also, not all Lost/Prim magics will be compatible with all spells.

That is true, gravity magic does say normal skills only, but pressure magic doesn’t specify. What Magic’s in particular might be the meta with zone though? Shatter can use all skill types, so could a shatter zone essentially create a no-magic area?

Maybe. Whatever ends up happening, it will be balanced-ish.

I see you aren’t as interested in speculating about it

You’re pretty much asking yes or no questions. I don’t know what you want us to discuss.

I feel like it’ll just act like the ancient staff from AA, it probably wouldn’t do anything more than that tbh :man_shrugging:

The questions are rhetorical, trying to throw out ideas about what could be true. I’m mostly looking for some of your ideas on the topic and what the effects with other magic types could be.

Certain utility magics like Dispelling and Reflector would be interesting if they could use Zone.

That would be a let down if true. Zone just seems to mean the magic is dispersed over an area, so it shouldn’t just do damage IMO.

Ig, we’ll have to wait and see how it’ll work because there’s a few possibilities for how Vetex might make it, but as of rn I just imagine it to be a lingering aura of your magic

I think it would fit well with flare magic as well, since it primarily relies on aoe and might have increased aoe damage compared to the elementals.

I get where you are coming from and unfortunately that is the most likely outcome, but wouldn’t it be dope if you could use Art of Order and make a zone that pretty much only damages evildoers, or heroes, depending on your affiliation. Would really help make some of the affects present in the magic stand out.

It would be tbh, I might still use the spell if I get in a pickle but I’d probably just stick to other spells

Yeah the spell would most likely have a longer casting period and a lot of mana drain, so it would only be worth it against mobs or a massive pvp battle where someone can take the attention off of you for enough time.

primordials are supposed to unlock one skill at a time through quests, so I don’t think that they will be compatible with lost spells

So they won’t have customizable skills? Where did vetex confirm that? I’m not saying your wrong I honestly don’t know a lot about the specifics of stuff he has revealed

lemme copy-paste something from the trello

Primordial Magic

None of these magics have creatable skills, meaning every spell for them would need to be found.