9 characters

the mouth kinda reminds me of luz from the owl house, could that be it?

(she had to blow some steam off)

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I figured it out, she looks like this

Should have been Prometheus, Theos, Morock or any other fire mage that isnt a stupid idiot with daddy issues

Satisfying rendering

Wait these things are cat ears?

Very tsundere. Sounds very much like lris to me. Have my like.

im surprised not that much people have called it hot yet, good job forums

I shall make sure no one will soil this innocent child. I’m looking at you Church of Iris.

Errrr iris the way you are lookin at me…shes so divineee

Can’t tell if it’s the style that’s cute or just the drawing, but either way cute and epic

im a simple woman. i see iris, i arcane all over the place.

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