A mid PVE dark sea build, I guess

swim speed is for when you’re in the water and can’t find your boat

climb speed is sometimes regarded as not impprtant since you’ll be T-jumping most of the time

now make an pvp build

what gem effect for a dark sea build
  • climb speed
  • swim speed
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how about going for a mix? imo theyre equally important
in fact if anything i recommend making 2 dark sea pve builds, one fully focused on climb speed and another for diving/swimming (so either with or without 100% air cap)

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oh lol, btw this dark sea build is focused on exploration and chest hunting

theyre still equally important imo. Climbing because islands can be incredibly tall and it helps a lot to save stamina while also being nearly equally as fast as tp jump spamming (also more braindead cuz u just hold w instead). Swimming/diving because therell be times when youll need to swim to your boat, either cuz it got flung a decent bit away or because the only way to reach your boat with sealeds is to swim

so i have 13 musgravite gems, and what ratio of swimming to climbing should i have? 10% swim per musgravite, 20% climb per musgravite.

it’s on an explosion conjurer

If youre going for a mix then it doesnt really matter as long as theyre near equal in musgravites used. So you could do 7 musgravites of swim speed and 6 of climb speed or the other way around. But 2 sets, each focused on either climb speed or swim speed is your best bet

For reference, my diving build has about 220 agility with 90% swim speed and its roughly as fast as a 105 speed boat. My climb speed set uses 280% climb speed (14 musgravites of climb speed) so its hard to compare my set to your hypothetical mix set

Who would pick swim speed???
What r u gonna do, swim instead of using a brig???

@OnionCream @Ihateitwhenioof you both trippin

let’s say i lost my brig location but i have my chests. i use swim speed to swim around the islands.

? what

oh i see
you know u can just t jump right

I don’t climb at all, I use the trick where you alt-lock and tilt your character sideways so the T-jump doesn’t go away from the wall

Climbing Musgravites will probably be insane once the climbing buff drops but for now I’d rather just have the energy regen agates on my regular build

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i’ll probably get like 0-2 climbing gems since i can just t-jump to “climb”