A statue of the forums

Epic. I love how Akos and Leo are so serious looking and then there’s just Lance.

13 more until me :fire:

sent it

How much closer am I :eyes:

Like the 2 away, which are the two I’m doing rn

Literally just one singular hair I’m struggling to find and might just move on without it

now i’m curious, how many more after typo’s done

You’re about 10 away from typ, I already have your character model so it shouldn’t be too bad when I get to you P:



So on this note: I’m currently rebuilding the podium into more of a circle.
Taking into account @Crimsonpants ’ suggestion I’m make a sort of multi-stage circular pattern so everyone can be seen. In the middle I plan to have an icon of aether lightning that’s in the logo


crappy ao character pic
pose: default energy charging

if possible: replace the crow wings with this: Blue Fluffy Wings - Roblox

bro is made of money


tryna copy this


Why does this look like an Adventure Time character

it’s an adventure time character…


might as well throw this guy in for the hell of it

as of editing this its 34th on the queue give or take and probably wont make it in but as for description and pose, this is Remus Galveston, a warlord, and the pose would probably be him leaning the musket against his shoulder (like w the lance of loyalty), with the sabre in his left hand and the lance of loyalty in the ground next to him

If you have to reposition the statues can we keep the funny Akos Leo Lance trio


where have i seen this guy before

idk bout you but reminds me of death for some reason

Yeah I’m trying to keep the sections that I like together
So the section with Akos, Leo, and Lance
Tobin, Tower, Eric, and Dawn
Will likely be kept together.