[ABYSS SEA] Captiv(ate)

next 2 posts arent gonna be scary, promise

(can’t say the same abt the third one tho)

Wouldn’t your OC be fine? since she yk, lived in the dark sea

unfortunately, i made her human in this universe

she is not gonna have a fun time

I sometimes wonder if Atlanteans would cannibalize each other if starved long enough

I don’t know why, but i just thought Lelantos (3rd sea version) would just appear and then the Atlanteans see a whole ass boss health bar appear.

(And this would be the reason why the goober isn’t in this verse)

i think thats canon in in game lore, so yeah itll also prob happen in this AU

Eh they are animals

Animals fight for territory

Calvus gets turns into a bowling ball by Ruby Roger

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that has got to be the most mindboggling thing ive ever read in my entire life

bro think she

yall gonna… blend tilly?? tilly smoothie???

Is there RP discord for this?

I’m pretty sure nobody has made one, and I’m gonna assume it probably won’t happen.

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Nope, quoting banana,
“some things are not meant to be (robobitch odyssey)”

AO and role playing is a mistake

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she looks so silly i can’t take her seriously


heavy exploding shell, go


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Hey, it’s at least pretty fun there to me. At least 'cause I’ve been there for so long I know everyone there and we do goofy shit and tell fun stories. : (

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ROBOBITCH ODYSSEY ON TOP :speaking_head::speaking_head::fire::fire::fire:

i feel like ruby roger would get like a sick ass atlantean arm but then have the rest of his body be fine or something

or maybe some goofy fish head so his only downside is looking absolutely ridiculous

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he’d probably just fuck with people by hiding behind something that blocks the rest of his body like the stupid rascal he is