Add A Full Female Crew and Female Co-Captains/Deckhands

Agreed, the harem reason was hella weird.

It’s just for my character that I’m controlling.


I think it’s time for all men crew


edward kenton best girl

Screw it, even without this being accepted by Vetex, I’m going to loophole it

Added the first member

im all for a partially female crew
likely unintentional(since vetex is a guy), but besides the one designated female haphazardly slapped on at the last moment(looking at you Carnia), most non-random characters are male.

but no harems, keep the horny away

It’s not horny

I’m trying to make my creation have a wholesome harem

cat maid crew when :smiling_imp:

I think there’s an upcoming gamepass for that


sure pal…

It’s just your mindset

and yet your using the word harem, which has… implications

it’s your mindset that needs a fix

technically a harem could consist of sisters or female friends you are close to