Add an option to get rid of border glow

So I decided to go back to the old WoM color scheme and this is what it looks like:

yeah so the border glow makes the forums look unsexy pls add an option get rid of it. (everything else is fine though)


I already did, this is for color scheming in preferences.

Whats the problem then?

When I change it the glow IS gone. Not sure about your issue.

Why are the titles on the top left never PNGs?

My question is why the fuck does the title not have a transparent background?
It would’ve saved me so much time in things like art, etc.

Ok it works now
@meta or someone please close this

Where is the color setting in preferences? I don’t see it.
(Edit: I had to log out and log back in to see it.)

skill issue I guess

They are, but for some reason the discourse forum doesn’t let me have transparency in the header logo.