After many months, I've reached the closest to my ideal build

After some dark sea runs and coppershroom grinding, I’ve reached my ideal build:

More Power less Defense version:

I also have a version with no drawback but I was too lazy to unsocket the jewels:

  • 114 power
  • 501 defense
  • 112 agility
  • 99 speed
  • size, intensity, insanity, yada yada

yummy armor build :yum:
oh dang

Thanks, but my power is gonna be nerfed hard with reworked archsphere. Thankfully lightning arcanium items next update will give me speed and agility.

Yeah id just run carina, elius or even arcanium armpur because 40 size does jack shit on lightning, its better to focus on its strengths, i.e attack speed, agility, power

This guy after he learns what elius armor is (no im not sorry for the necropost)

does Elius set have more agility than Calvus set? (I love necroposts btw)

I think it has more power too but im unsure

No Calvus definitely has more power, I remember thats why I chose it over Elius (I am power hungry) No actually they have the same power, I guess I was just comparing lvl 60 elius armor to max level Calvus and didn’t realize lol.

Same power, elius gives more speed, but calvus is more efficient overall (that is if you care forthe asize)

Yeah the extra size I don’t care for, but I already enchanted my Calvus gear. Anyway I don’t feel like minmaxing rn lol

Tbh elius armor might fall back in levels so calvus is a better choice anyway