Arcane Odyssey Hot Takes

I ran 1.4k and its fine just dodge

some npcs have auto aim like yk with beams, guns

As much as I like Arcane Odyssey for how movement oriented the combat is, I also kinda rly hate it for that same reason because how overly reliant on aim it makes it.
It feels like you never rly hit much with your moves and once you do, you hit EXTREMELY hard.
It makes it kinda rly hard and difficult to get into when the game is already really grindy.


Like I wish things were easier to hit once theyre midair because while theyre on the ground you mostly just get alot of benefits from the explosion of the impact itself

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skill based combat requires skill :exploding_head:

i think fire conjurer needs a visual rehaul tbh

the combat is a third person movement shooter. kinda the point

anyway, my problem is that the map and ships is just way too small for the movement we have, even at level 1. especially ships are just not suited for combat (also with not being able to use moves on moving ships)

I cannot believe an rpg game with heavy combat oriented mechanics requires aim and practice?!?!?! wtf??!!

me when the projectile i have to aim with is not massive and requires aim (i have only ever played blox fruits)

Resistance should give knockback & DOT resist

Armor piercing should give your attacks significantly higher clashing power (it “penetrates” the enemy attack) and at high levels your projectiles should go through walls

Vitality armors should give more regeneration (even the alethia set which gives the highest is still weaker than slotting 2 aventurines on anything else)


doesn’t resistance already kind of do that tho, coulda sworn it activates when blocking as well

Nvm you’re right I’m have stupid blocking power is already part of resistance changed it to kb & dot resist

the luck nerf for fishing was the worse changes that tester have ever done


Actually unpopular opinion. And I agree with you, I don’t give a shit if it’s an "exploit or not. I’m not gonna sit there for 5 hours and fish

also i find it funny how (i believe meta, if not it was another bteam member) that in a TOTD said that sunken pity should be buffed at 1K, yet luck 5 that still takes some time to farm its too much (they were buggy and allowed groups of people to get 2H not just the owner, quick delete the only way for casuals to get a good gear instead of fixing it)