Bluemin Sword weapon shed [Art thread]

You got your popularity spike for rendering boobs onto a roblox avatar!

Version without paper effect

Clifford Edwardson is a 20 year old architect working for his father’s company “Edward and Branick Construction Company” and will become the 4th generation who will inherit the company.

A stoic young man raised in the American way, who always has a bright future, Cliff always sees himself as “The lucky one” and resents his father’s way of life of always working all the time to the point it makes him feel sick. as a way of rebelling such work culture, he works hard and play hard, If you are rich and got the money, why not use it to make awesome memories and helping those you can? Very few people are born like his background, and only live once, so why not make it your best? but you can’t just let out your excitement burst, you gotta keep it cool to go, or else your emotion will take you down a path of regret

His close friend said he put 80% of his salary into modifying his 1963 C2 Corvette after he received his license at the age of 18. When they used to read their favorite novel and go to the cinema, Cliff now usually goes to watch NASCAR and reads many car magazines and brochures whatever he can, it’s as if all of a sudden he changed…


now make iris hold this thing

Good concept.
I’ll put that on my backlog

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thank you for accepting my request

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A simple rough animation I made on a Discord livestream


Where are you streaming and where can I join to watch???

I stream on AO Arthub discord at the voice chat

Might have to join the arthub again just for your streams :eyes:

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Estrid based on Acko’s design

drawing her clothes was a really fun part of doing it

From now on, I will be more active on this thread by posting random small stuff that’s not a render similar to how JTN show his stuff