Boss Drop Rates Depend on Player Skill

Boss Drop Rates Depend on Player Skill
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I really wish the endgame wasn’t so grindy. The best armor and accessories comes from boss fights (or even worse: fishing), and if you are a weapons-based build you will also have to grind for 3 weapons. Sealed chest grinding is fairly fun at the beginning, but even that becomes a bit of a grind after a while. This and the mirror shard suggestion would be great ways to alleviate the grind, at least until the Dark Sea comes which hopefully trumps all other methods of grinding (and hopefully without becoming grindy in itself). My critiques are pretty much what other people have said with stamina use, other players, and meta builds. Although, I am worried that players will be tired out from giving their 100% yet still getting unlucky.

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It’s fine for a game to end. If a game has no more content it isn’t inherently bad because you couldn’t infinitely grind for op items (that usually become the meta for player interaction anyways). I will end this response with a quote from someone in the neon knights discord:

“player base count is entirely non-representative of a good game that will be remembered for years to come, to me appealing to the masses who want a mindless infinitely grindable game is a sure-fire way to kill any potential it has to be its own unique thing” - royal

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This sounds like something a 12 year old would say

imo mirror shards are a much better way to integrate higher boss drop chances.
Theres way too many factors to consider here, things such as class, build, etc. Why should vit players have a lower drop chance than max power players innately because of their damage output? This suggestion incentivizes a certain build which isn’t fun.

I wouldn’t say the drop rates are bad enough to warrant a change. Being unlucky shouldn’t require a whole system rework. Also, this idea would be cool for a challenge version of a boss like the mirror shards suggestion.

I mean, its not really a lower drop chance, since like i said the minimum should be the current drop rate, so this only rewards players not actually punishes them, i understand the confusion with the negative stats tho.

You are kinda right… BUT, the mirror shards are way harder to implement and require a lot of work from vetex’s part. This idea may not be the best but is simple enough yet effective so i think is a little bit of a tradeoff

im talking abt stat distribution, because vit lowers damage, vit-based classes innately have lower drop chances because one of the factors to increasing drop rate would be duration, while mages (as of rn) would have insane drop rates considering I kill calvus in 40 seconds with a magma fire power build mage. You would need other factors to make sure each class is fair when it comes to drop rates.

yeah it would, if vetex wanted to implement mirror shards with less effort he can just scale up boss stats and call it a day though. But the mirror shard idea promotes both replayability and gets you to improve at the game.
imo drop rates are real merciful in this game so i dont think we really need an increase in drop rates (although it can be mind numbing after getting 9 stormcallers and 3 storm spears before storm scimitars)

I get that, but thats a balancing issue, not really an issue with the idea on itself. No build should kill calvus in 40 seconds so… yeah.

Yeah… but it still makes it harder to farm tho, even if you have higher drop chances you have to be VERY good to actually profit from that and could make farming even more of a pain.

I guess we have different definitions of merciful then, because killing bosses 50+ times gets a little tiring over time and takes a lot of effort. Either increase drop chance or nerf boss drops because they are WAY better that any other “normal” item.

Jesus christ, i didn’t think this idea could be so controversial…

isn’t that the whole idea though? if you’re good enough to face enhanced versions of bosses you deserve higher drop rates.

even without a busted magma build i average 1 min per calvus kill on a light conjurer

boss drops are supposed to be good considering theyre from a boss. boss drops should be better
than “normal” (assuming items looted in crates/treasure) drops.

Dodging a 999 nuke move requires more skill than blocking it e.e

Yeah, guess you are right. So to finish things off:
This idea is kinda mid now that i think about it, what really needs to happen is the freaking balance patch to make some of the weaker routes actually decent (specially strenght and vitality route)

It was fun discussing with yall. :+1:

I disagree. This game has the most lenient drop rates of many of the games I play, by a ton. I think you are over exaggerating the grindiness of the game.

the drop rates do not seem low for how quickly one can farm bosses imo, don’t think such an intricate change is needed

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2 min per kill on light conj? Do share a video, because this seems like a very heavy embellishment

dunno why i have to prove this considering some builds can average a kill on calvus every 30s but here:
just took this vid

Carina armor gives more power anyways

The drop rates may be lenient in comparison, but that doesn’t justify anything. Grinding for hours is still grinding, and you will be doing everything again each time a new boss is added or big content update. I guess I have a much different perspective as someone who doesn’t play RPGs, I want to avoid grind as much as possible since the definition of grinding is that it’s boring (despite how often people throw the term around). Maybe I am overexaggerating it, but I still don’t like it.

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