Cloak's Workshop!

Cloak's Workshop!
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I am opening a New Shop
Here is what i am offering!

Sunken Stash

Sunken sword

2 clean Sunken sword

Sunken helmets

5 clean sunken helmets
1 bursting sunken helmet
2 forceful sunken helmets
1 keen sunken helmet
2 nimble sunken helmet

Sunken Chestplates

4 clean sunken chests
1 bursting sunken chest
1 swift sunken chests
1 hard sunken chest
1 nimble sunken chest
1 strong sunken chest

Sunken boots

1 clean sunken boots
1 keen sunken boots

Boss Weapons

Oath Keeper

7 clean oathkeepers
3 strong oathkeepers


8 clean vastiras
4 strong vastiras

Wall of Jericho

8 Clean WOJs
7 heavy WOJs
1 sturdy WOJs

Exiled Gear

exiled helmet

9 clean exiled helmets
2 forceful exiled helmet

Exiled Chest

1 clean exiled chest
2 forceful exiled chest

Exiled Boots

3 forceful exiled boots
8 clean exiled boots

Mino Gear

Minotaur Helmet

12 clean minotaur helmet
1 strong minotaur helmet
1 nimble minotaur helmet

Minotaur Chest

7 clean minotaur chests
2 nimble minotaur chest

Minotaur Legs

13 clean minotaur legs
1 nimble minotaur leg

i will be online at any time
Also looking for exotic and legendary fishes. will pay alot for them :slight_smile:
I will not be accepting;

  • Crowns.
  • Common items (meta sets excluded).
  • Uncommon items.
  • Underpays.

Discord : cloak#6449

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Trade log :

Powerful Wizard Legs
Strong Wizard Helm
clean oathkeeper
nimble exiled leg
Strong sunken helm
minotaur helm
2 minotaur chest
2 minotaur leg
clean exiled legs
strong minotuar helmet
strong minotaur boots
1 hard exiled legs
1 hard exiled chest
1 hard exiled helm
1 heavy woj
1 Clean oath
1 clean minotaur legs
1 clean minotaur chest
1 clean minotaur leg
1 clean vastira
1 clean exiled helmet
2 Sturdy WOJs
1 nimble sunken helm
1 nimble sunken leg
1 clean minotaur chest
1 sturdy WOJ
1 keen sunken chest
3 mino chests
3 mino helms
2 mino legs
1 vastira

clean Exiled Legs
clean exiled helm
clean sunken helm
clean minotaur leg
3 clean oathkeepers
3 clean vastiras
clean WOJ
heavy WOJ
2 minotaur chestplates
1 forceful exiled boots
1 forceful exiled helm
1 hard exiled boots
1 nimble sunken helm
1 strong sunken chest
1 heavy WOJ
1 Clean sunken sword
1 bursting sunken chest
1 nimble sunken helm
1 strong oath
2 clean wojs
1 clean oath
6 exiled boots

ill offer 1 clean sunken helmet for 1 clean sunken helmet, deal?

sunken boot tend to have slightly more value than the boots so it wouldnt be a good trade for me

do u got nay orange cape and wizard hat? and how many

also i think i have an exotic fish idk which lemme check

I think I have like 2 legendary phish too bad laptop broken :sob:

no headlesses or are they just not up for trade?

i have 5 headless but they r not for trade

pretty good shop

what did u want for those legendary fishies?

i have none

i have non @Aque

Idk what I would want but I won’t be able to trade until like early or mid February so it doesn’t matter


i know that feeling
i had a 1.1 ghz processing speed computer too

Well it’s not completely broken, just the keyboard is broken and no repair shops here can find the model (since this laptop is from somewhere else), and I’m gonna be traveling back to the country I was in before in hopefully early February and hopefully can find a repair shop who can fix it there. (I know I could buy a USB keyboard and plug it in n shit but I’d rather not tbh as it sounds like a hassle)

Pretty usual shop. Side from massive stock nothing to write home about. Pretty average-ish overall :nod:

I honestly thought it said -Grand Piece Opening- Workshop