Cool Vehicle

Plus vetex would be malding on how difficult this would be to implement into ao

Reminds me of when vetex promised to add soap item which would clear dirt on your character but didnt add it (ao players are afraid of soap)

we have it in the brig now

Its supposed to help you quickly clear dirt whenever you want and if you dont have the brig

I think it was also mentioned with smoothies teaser, so the brig already existed

Hey there’s ironclad in the Trello ship idea so maybe in the future, we might find a kingdom or country that is in its Industrial Revolution that they are the first one to develop the ironclads and possibly breech-loading rifles, lever action rifles, revolvers and breech-loading cannons.

(I just want revolvers and ironclads…)

look, I dont know what game your playing, but I dont think this would fit a world thats still in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s in tech