Cosplay thread

Now do Argalia or I’ll do it and be your number 1 opp.

there aren’t scythes in AO yet

Whats the name of it? Cause I probably have extra that I can give you if you want it.

Even if u gave it to me I cant equip it cuz I dont use iron leg

Ah, couldnt you switch to it, or are you actually using that file for more than cosplay? Also I thought all fighting armor was the same and just changed stats based on what fs you had?

They look slightly different in colour

Also not really, since thats my main file, but i might switch to basic combat

ah aight

2 updates


aw hell nah it’s MY COUUUUPPPOONNSS guy

I’m dumb who’s this supposed to be?

mostly based on her e2 art ( cause theres no white dress in this game )
give me some times to get the easter staff ( the sword and the bracelet are just there for personal reference )

i was going to use the maid top cause it seems closer to her top (e2 ) but uh, too exposed for me ( same person who cosplayed a siren like 2 months ago btw )

( vetex where is my cat ears )

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Ricardo from limbus maybe?

lol that looks nothing like him :skull:

how did you get shirtless

im gonna be impressed if someone gets this

Dude stepped into the kitchen and walked out a culinary god

  1. Equip a torso item like Cernyx’s robes or Ravenna Apostle Gi
  2. Disable torso

go to a dyer, select a shirt, don’t pick a color, just press dye