Cringe clan moment

Yikes but why are you even playing berserker

we like punching things

tbh all my builds are bad because I mostly go for appearance than meta

you get cool drip points tho so that’s a W on my end

Yeah so the person is not that good, Im losing mostly because of their build
the build does 200 damage with high speeds and is cancerous to fight with lightning and iron leg

cringe player ngl

Tbh just don’t stay on the ground and be as close to them as possible as they can not hit air shots most of the time

This my build man and it got him to red health :sob:

(Replace the calvus leggings with iron leggings)

I’m tryna get me calvus gear cuz it’s crucial for my build

Im trying to get lightning to be good with iron leg rn

The only smooth build I can go is with good amount of defense, damage, and bursting.
Bursting gotta ruin it all man I am forced to go for it :sob:
no longer wom.

Pretty unfortunate realities we have where we have to lean on calvus gear so much.

My ideal gear build would be high agility, somewhat okay size and defense, and high power.

Not sure if agility boosts how far and fast the crash skill goes tho

I’m using magma and sailor fist on a warlock for the scalding. What does the typo think of about it?


I dunno if this was a clan person, but some dude randomly decided to attack me and a friend on a fully decked out max boat, they immediately got sunk and basically slapped by me and my friend, who were both basically maxed level, the poor lad was only like level 80 or so.