Cursebeard in AO 100% real (logs)

Pvp gives his skin cancer

Just lost wifi connection while pvping with Cursebeard savant so pray that I don’t have to sit in a box for 20 seconds because of my horrendous wifi.

well shit

Should I get good enough at this file to get into unofficial tournies?

  • yes
  • no
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get good enough to challenge vetex on his mage file, win and ask for one of your 4 curses

For canonical reasons
Vetex: Electro curse
Techlevel80: Tide curse
Mimhere: Ice curse
Noble Symphony: Energy curse

pretty sure it’s supposed to be called blaze

I was wondering when someone was gonna tell bro bro he was imitating the wrong curse, it should’ve been fire and lightning :sob:

Mb original Gangster

The Blaze curse is Red so I went with plasma + it synergises with lightning better (i know its called blaze and you would think fire)

Oh no not again

ya’ll, what do you think cataclysm surge would be like


The trilogy

wtf, that charging actually looks dope

A fellow connoisseur of AA characters I see

“aver hill” and “i’m black”
but can they top “aima cook”

:mariomug: mmm yes

Oh hey thats my meme