Cursed WoMents/Arcane Oddities (Part 1)

to celebrate this moment here’s a pirate fleet of 4 jumping some merchants

At least two of them are facing the wrong way :rofl:
Then stupid pirates need to be jumped so they can learn how to do it proper

they all took like 15 minutes to sink the ship lmao

I have a few old screenshots that might be odd… (tell me if this counts as spam, I’m pretty new to the forums)

white eyes ram

the 1.0 odyssey

mount loading error
uncharted island

leftside-up brig?

air swimming is caused by “falling off” of bodies of water. In Palo Town’s secret cavern, certain animations can have you touch the body of water across the ceiling/wall, causing this bug.


This is Drako’s Arch, what’s he doing here?

what happens when you hire Zoro as your navigator

even rows from the bronze legion no problem

Fitting name for your rowboat considering that it is on fire. But that health is not befitting of a rowboat named after what is essentially a god.

I present a returning vessel to show you what a truly powerful rowboat looks like.

now we need Supreme Vessel, Rowboatitas

No matter where you’re heading to, you end up in the Dark Sea

That’s it, I’m making the Devourer of (the Rowboat of the) Gods

Hey guys why did I just hear “A ROWBOAT DOES NOT FEAR DEATH!”

the Pirarian tried to challenge it.

My boat was both called Yharon, Dragon of Rebirth and The Devourer of Cods, the rowboat had 4.6k hp (11k with a different hull) and was faster than someone running (big achievement for a rowboat)

Hebert really had ambitions, like stretching sails on a rowboat


stretch those oars


Tfw what version created this broken monstrosity

How does this compare to current metal mages?


Get in boys, we’re going shark hunting.