Discussing why nimbus sea part 1 is an L

we FIGHT not gank tbh muner doesnt even have players no more

hmmm…sounds like good news for me, if bronze sea servers are indeed dead.

I’ll have to check tommorow.

Luck potion wipe???

are you like blind? all the bronze servers i’ve been have been nearly full

it isn’t a L because of the server size, It’s a L because of poor game design and inefficiency to release a update that took almost 5 months with little to no content and about 10-15+ bugs that affect the player base

too true,

  1. The boss island was poorly built, and you are not able to climb the ships (which means for some reason vetex used a different ship model?)

  2. The piss-poor 20 minutes of story, cut short just as things got interesting (why do this when the story expansion was something we have been waiting for since release LOL??)

  3. Finally, the infamous Weapongate, where warriors got royally fucked by vetex and his stupid decision to not close the game to use his testers to guarantee the main game would operate flawlessly :confused:

huge L because half the lb didn’t get reset but I did so people have a 9 million lead on me now (I’m biased)

I thought the forest of masts was a good island.
If there’s anything there to complain about there its the boss spamming iframes every 2 seconds and having no gimmick to get rid of them.

There’s also the Sameria secret being straight up impossible to see unless you already know where it is, there’s no cracks or any sign that the wall in that one specific spot can be broken.

Don’t know about any of the other island secrets because I haven’t found them yet.

the secret wasnt that hard to find, you can tell the wall is built/welded to the rest of the mountain differently

yeah, it has good visuals, and it’s unique compared to the usual blocks with grass on top

everyone keeps saying they lost stuff, i haven’t even played the update yet, what happened?

ok so basically for the first hour or two after the update released, to my understanding, every weapon with an exotic enchant was deleted on accident if you joined with no way to prove you ever owned them.

that’s why everybody has perm luck 3 for the release week.


I think it was every weapon that was max level, but I might be wrong, but it doesn’t matter if you do have valid proof because mods won’t restore it anyways because its such a large workload. Personally I don’t get why they don’t just do it slowly over as much time as they want, but it is what is.

If they did it for a few people then the people who didn’t get it would be in twice the outrage they’re in now and also we’re talking hundreds if not thousands of requests which would each need to be closely examined because you already know people would try to use this to get a bunch of sunkens.

It shouldn’t have ever happened to begin with, but there’s realistically no better outcome I can see from here.

I didn’t say do it for a few people? I said just take the workload as slowly as they want over as much time as they want. If they only do like a couple a day its the same as any other restore. “You’ll get it back in an unknown amount of time and it could be a long while” is better than “You’ll get it back never”.

Unless you mean the people without proof would be mad in which case, needing proof for restores is pretty standard an is already expected, most people aren’t gonna lose their shit cause they can’t get stuff without proof they had it in the first place.

That is the opposite of what i’ve seen