Do furry/scally/anthropomorphic animals' meat taste like their animal-counterpart's meat or do they taste like human meat?

My brain is theorizing a suspicion.

depends on if it’s literally just the animal but human proportions or is some catgirl thing

for the first option it would 100% just be animal meat albeit resembling human body parts, for the second possibility I’d imagine it to be like a chicken, where some parts are black meat and some white meat

Drayal what the fuck

idgaf what they taste like, if eating a furry convinces other furries to stop being furries, i will eat a furry with no hesitation

marine life based furries watch yo ass before I turn it into a rainbow roll :hocho: :sushi:

“Uhm akshually if they’re based off of marine life then they don’t grow hair, as their bodies are covered in scales.”

scalies? who cares, one wrong turn and next thing they know they’ll be cubes of fresh meat being dipped into soy sauce and rubbed with wasabi

Honestly, if they’re just anthros, I would say it would be animal meat because they’re not human, they just act and look like one. However, I guess it would depend on who’s OC it is. So, therefore, Drayal what the fuck (while thinking about this head, I said Dry-all again).
I wonder what would happen if someone posted that question in a furry forum/website.

I do to. Though also I don’t want to know

silly thread

You’re not a furry? Damn I thought you were this whole time

I thought you would have known by now

I think a lot of people do even though I have said, on multiple occasions, I am not.

I feel your pain.


wouldn’t it be scally since its dragons


1 - human meat
2 - human meat
3 - animal meat
4 - animal meat
5 - animal meat


I’d say 1 and 2 have a tiny bit of animal meat at the animal parts

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Intellectual and mature discussions going on here

truly, this is one of the moemnt in this forum

1- sane normal person
2- fine I guess
3- brain damage
4- brain damage
5- no