Ed's screenshot and (rarely) studio dump

well, canto 4.5 time.

canto 5 soon to follow, fishmael arc is almost upon me.

Now limbus, i love majima, and i love gregor. but you do not have to give me 2 duplicate majima gregor ids in the same 10 pull.

stuffs happened, dont really have time to post here anymore

considering deactivating my account, not sure if i will though.

Goodbye man

thread revival, im not dead (yet)

lot has happened but im gonna try to be active more i think

got to 5-30 but im tired. ill try funny middle man tommorow (god help me)

surprisingly easy actually, took like 3-4 tries.

6-48 was great, if only i wasnt rolling tails for the majority of the canto (i swear it had to have been bugged, 41 sp cinqclair shouldnt be going 2/3 tails on skill3)

anyway, poise/tremor hong lu id soon.

every visual enchant im pretty sure, might be missing one or two but if i am its cuz they suck



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time killing time was alright, fights were whatever but the soundtrack went crazy.

my allusions profile banner

rate out of 10 fr :mariomug:

tierlist of the games ive played in the last year or so

theres more but i forgot them

image quality kinda sucks because i just grabbed whatever image i found off wikipedia first for most of these and shrunk it to fit