Estrid encouraging you to pay your taxes

uh oh estrid is part of the irs :eagle:

“I’ll send you back to the IRS as a pile of ashes!”

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I think it is Smashable

Estrid would be the only one who could allude me to let the gov steal my hard worked and rightful money :kissing_smiling_eyes:

the grand navy will get NONE of my money

Since I do not know what country I am from the War Seas due to memory loss, I am considered a stateless person. Therefore, I have no obligation to any country and its tax laws.

First, this is cute.

Second, tell me the exact amount I have to pay so I don’t get Al Capone’d by the goddamn IRS! :tired_face: :weary:

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i dont think you guys understand
even joker pays his taxes! he might be crazy enough to fight batman but the irs??

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Sorry Estrid but I got bettter things to do other then pay taxes, and that is destroying the IRS aka the Grand Navy!

I love that people are making fanart of side characters

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Jokes on you, im still too young to do that lol :joy::joy::joy:

Wait, I have taxes to pay?

I respect woman but i cannot respect you if you talking to me like that

Wait…who is this kid :confused:

Legally as a sunset I don’t think I’m obligated to

:skull: the web.