Fabulous Forum Finds

Just updated and added some more finds, the counter has now surpassed 200!! What amazing topics yall have all made :]

(Also free of June 2020 trades so)

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I still find it so funny that the game just kills you if it deems your choice of pants to be bad.
It truly is an Arcane Odyssey

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so what was i linked here for? found the notification


why was I @ here again…

Wish the forums would show you what you were quoted on specifically, but you were summoned here for the legend of 2 brian

Oh ok thanks Bio

(I think I may have spent a lil too much time reading on the forums but-)

I am coming for you @Divanochi and @UnitVector
and @JTN :3


Oh hey you went past me, nice.


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It’s been a good run :>

You’ve still got me beat in terms of read time though, having read 50 days worth of the forums, Or about 1,200 hours, or 72000 minutes :pensive: