Favorite kill?

he certainly could have been a little less rude about it lmao

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Most of my player kills are from people resetting on my wind mage slot after I blast them straight up so high they don’t have the patience to just fall

there was this guy attacking me on cirrus island while i was looking something up and he then dashed off of the island and combat logged. i guess that was a kill?

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I remember hunting this savior and they sailed into the dark sea to try and avoid me and you know what they did next when I was near them? They legit reset character. Why??? I got the renown.

I think now is as good as time as any to bring back this death message

This too actually, I should probably get another file to fill the entire screen with revon death messages.

In terms of player kills, it would be one back in WoM where I killed someone in a 1v1 without getting hit in front of a small group of people. Then I never managed to do that ever again.

Sharks :]

I still remember the time I got attacked by three Gravy players and got all of them off me somehow. It was definitely a fluke, since I’m still stuck riding that high until I get something better.

Me ripping apart some War Saint with Surge a little after it came out. I feel no remorse for what I did since it was a War Saint, but I DID end up swapping off Mage cause it wasn’t fun

(I also tried to clip it but funnily enough my clipping software decided to be an asshole and only clip 5 seconds of it.)

I love sharing a rival with you

thats sarcasm, there is no shot in hail I can beat that kid

My favorite moments were when cannons could damage players after the 1st dark sea update. I miss it despite how broken it was