Female Clothing

me dramatically running down the steps to Ravenna Castello like Cinderella

as nice as this topic may seem to want some inclusivity
you already know how the forum works
i love this place

he shouldn’t have been flagged

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I’m not a girl, but I LOVE playing as female characters.

There’s just something fun about dressing them up, since with male characters I just pick the regular black jacket, white t shirt and black pants. Not saying it’s bad, but I feel bonita nitpicking the clothes.

I support this idea, female clothing would go so hard. I get that most of the clothing is unisex, but getting clothing that sets them apart and more variation to the game would make it more customizable and therefore, more appealing characters.

Also, please more hairs, we can deal with the poor variety of starter clothing as we can change anyways with equipment, but the fact that I spent half an hour trying to pick a long hair that would not completely obliterate my hairband for my maid outfit is a signal that most of the time it’s make due.



this could work, quite nicely even if you want to use it on a male character, hide the… arm thing ( its 5am give a break ) and you have what monks usually wear ( in fictions anyway )

i was going to say it might be too revealing, then i remember that Siren set exists

do you mean the sleeve?

Omg crop tops would be amazing. I can’t remember, do siren tops give you a bellybutton?

I really don’t know tbh. Don’t have the set. But I might look at the wiki if they have it.

Oh yeah. They do have belly buttons.

How is this lol


Looks good, but the fabric looks like armor. Tbh

I can def fix the texture, need a diff one for roblox studio anyways

W clothing ideas

female fighter jacket or female samurai robes

that a bit of a wierd description and I’m Christian here, I don’t think anyone gonna become Christian if it’s 90% put this in your profile and 10% Jesus :skull:

I once was on a forum where almost everyone had one of those “copy paste this if you believe in Jesus and reject the devil”.

I have no problem with religious folk, but copy paste user descriptions are cringe.

yes we need female clothing, i want to do female tomboy tucker drip

Tucker didnt die for this :sob:

He isnt dead

true hes just sleeping (ignore the fact that his body is literally rotting, hes just a weird little guy)

Sparrow’s drip from Entry Point is a good example of feminine clothes that fit with r15 2.0