Forumer bossbattles covers

who even is this guy

I dont think youve ever went against him youve done that with most active forumers sob.

i dont think you understand
i meant it as some sort of pattern like how realistic banana hates me so i thought that would mean im next idk

What is buddy smoking? :sob:

you are fodder lil bro…

you are not him bro im not even trying to think im the best or anything i just thought id be next because of a pattern. i ain’t even trying to start anything just trying to guess who’s next

this is forumer bossbattles covers not “OOWHHH bANANA so ScaRy”

who this random

tbh i havent seen you anywhere either lol but hi anyways


Realisticbanana is him, I’ve seen his experiences more than you. He’s got more balls than you, he’s got more balls than Rb1.

gotta be bait lol :fearful:
anyways conversation over i wont reply to anymore posts since i dont wanna blow up typo’s notifications

and the new forumer is…


congratulations, you’ve been typ0fied.


ive been the gamingified


Goop gaming

Now me

hm. free at last


Garblic Read next :100::100:

hey guys, sorry I haven’t made anything recently, I make most of my bossbattles covers in my graphic design class but we’ve been kinda busy recently so I haven’t been able to work on the 3rd edition of this series, though I will say that it has been planned out and I do in fact have some mspaint drawings ready for usage.

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I drew catria.

sorry if the fur looks super weird there aren’t a lot of great colors on mspaint :sob:

this one is kinda a test creation tbh but I decided to share it anyways since I thought it looked… passable.

(i really don’t have any ideas for a bossbattle cover for u :sob: I tried my best tho)