Fran's never-ending doodle chain

Dang bro, it’s been month since Fran posted. Welp time to wait even more.

went into hibernation for the winter

maybe fran will come back in spring! >:>

imagine if they do

i think fran turned into a ancient egyptian mummy by now


Mikołaj Borysowski.

Oh no…

Is it just me or does Revon look like a Russian bimbo with that fur coat in his original design

I mean he kinda does. But why is Revon wearing those type of clothes… in a dang hot as heck environment?!

she awakes and gives us knowledge… no this is some extra esoteric texts bruh

bruh he looks like the guts and blackpowder russian priest :sob::pray:

Put that in the amendments fr

i looked up russian bimbos and i shit you not

you are right.