Genshin cope post

lost the 50/50 to keqing and now I have C6 Noelle and Diona and not a single Yanfei, have been in a state of grief for approximately 19 hours

I won the 50/50 and got zhongli (and diona)

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NOOOOOOOO mihoyo just hates me bro

and that was his first and only post, F

meanwhile y’all far into genshin while im only at AR 12 with only diluc :frcryin:

dude if it makes you feel better my first 5 star was at ar40… with keqing

wtf are 5 stars actually that rare…? i only did three 10x pulls to get diluc there’s no way 5 stars are that rare

there not that rare me and my friend both got a 5 star from the first novice pull or whatever its called

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i got zhongli from the previous banner wish i was able to get keqing like you but i have no pity raised

alrighty i think ill be able to get myself another in no time :nod::+1:

yes hopefully, i wish you luck

i had 81 wishes in apparently and so i did a 10 pull cause why not eula isn’t too interesting for me. got c1 zhongli which is neat ig and got yanfei pog but due to the lack of mora and xp from housing and what not i can’t get her to 60 just yet ;-;

i probably might continue rolling but i’d rather just roll 4 stars on eula banner to build 1.6 pity or smth ig that is if sucrose is on it to begin with.

??? THE BEGINNER BANNER??? I got noelle and sucrose on that and that’s literally it

yep, it was qiqi and noelle for me same with my friend

mihoyo hates me bro holy shit

Man my first 5* was venti, at like 70 pulls in, second 5* was Zhongli

damn that sucks

i also got c1 yanfei and c6 noelle and diona

and i also got jean c1 now :sleeper:


i dont have any constellations on any 5* , and that is a very cool photo


go away

what are yanfeis ascension materials? it’s the geovishap stuff right?