GG, I won (Star Rail Talk I Guess)


Who’s pulling for Robin?

I definitely did. My follow-up attack team about to be giga buffed! (Cause I won the 50-50 :muscle:)

I need to get back on the Honkai grind…
I need a get sliverwolf E6

E6 Sw … why?

Unless if there is a catgirl character which i dont know about which is linx, you know i gotta grind for the character

Sliverwolf thr magnum op for now…

Man is taking this cat girl stuff way too seriously :sob:

you didn’t follow your promise…


A little more than 50 pulls saved up + 10 free pull when update drops + event pulls. I think I’m ready. If I lose 50-50 I’m quitting the game.

By the amber lords im BROOOOOKEEE

Cmon man, It’s time to go ALL IN

im saving for jade and screwllum

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wrong gacha game buddy… it’s lim-bus or bust, boy…

Never heard of it :rofl:


now go play it

How good is Honkai? Should I get it?

If you like turn-based combat, I recommend it.

oh no… not turn based combat… Thanks anyways.

What did you think it was gonna be? :rofl:

idk man. I thought it’d be like, freaking sci-fi themed genshin impact or other open world combat games considering it was the same studio who made it.

I mean I think they both have a storyline, so that’s a bonus but in the end none of the two really appeals to me.