Ghostly's doodle thread

That’d be much appreciated, Vincent.
Anyways, check this sick combo that gets him to Phase 2 in like 30 seconds if he doesn’t look at me-

I’m sorry but I’m taking one for myself. I want one.

happy valentines day I’m not sorry for slowly descending down into the general julian fanbase

Gavin requested by fran


Fricker deserves it after forcing us to nearly starve while we to near death in a mine as a slave.

too late, ive already been indoctrinated into the julian agenda, i love him (derogatory)

Fr I need to punch kick slap his man so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This year I’ve been drawing nothing but mildly questionable stuff
I may actually be going insane


Okay but like, why is Dragomira kinda rocking the hat and shirt?
Is this all Dragomir needed to drip himself out? Long hair? Genderbend?


Sometimes I’ll wonder why I put so much of my time and effort into making big projects such as things for AO. The answer is usually because I want someone else to make it first, but I know they won’t anytime soon so I have to be the one to do it. That’s usually how I stay motivated, because I want to make what I want to see.

It’s all about drive. If you want something done right, sometimes you got to do it yourself.


its about drive its about power we stay hungry we devour cool art :+1:

Glad we think the same way!
But at the same time,

Learn from me. Sometimes you’ll fucking injure yourself with this logic. It’s still good, but use it with care.

Mildly? You’re doing better than most of the forum, then. (Myself included, lol)

Please go take some time to refresh you engines, buddy. You’ll feel much better later.

This is how I stay motivated through tough times


duality of man

get you a man who can kill you while wearing cat ears :clap:

Larry the Meow

When you have 2 presentations for this trimester, with one of them being a group presentation


You’ll survive.
We believe in you, Ghostly!

Le Gasp.

Fear not, for you shall push through such a series of quests! Presentations, with a crew or with your lonesome, will always be an exhausting task!

I hold LITTLE advice for you, but I recommend you stay calm and carry out your presentation firmly. Focus upon the goal of a good score, rather than the onlooking gazes of your fellowship…

okay theatrics aside good luck :hugs: you can do it