Give me your characters so i can put them in Library of Ruina

in case you doesnt know Library of Ruina is deck building game that lets you create and customize your own characters ( affectionately called “nuggets” )

the library has 10 floors ( i unlockeda bout 7 8 ish nowi think ), and can have up to 5 nuggets, but only 4 are customizable since one of them is the patron library which is a set character

anyway, give me their

  • name

  • height ( 140 - 220 cm )

  • clothes ( when you defeat a mob you gain their book, by burning their books you can gain their skills and “key page”, aka their clothes, (a portion of their) stats and passive(s)

  • hair style ( image would be appreaciate )

  • hair and eye colors

  • optional: personality so i can choose their dialogue ( entrance, on death, ally death, enemy kill, victory )

  • floor ( explain below )

the floors while being the same technically, are unique from each other due to ther Abno(rmality) Pages

  • Floor of General Works - Keter ( patron librarian Roland ): Generalist floor, offer buffs to stats and such

  • Floor of History - Malkuth: Also kinda generalist but is also the only one with burn support

  • Floor of Technological Science - Yesod: dmg, lots of dmg ( even more if blunt )

  • Floor of Literature - Hod: Block and Bleed floor, can also be used as a solo floor

  • Floor of Art - Netzach: Pierce, Stagger regen and dmg and Healing

  • Floor of Natural Science - Tiphereth: its… complicate
    …you like magical girls and pokers?

  • Floor of Language - Gebura: …
    “All librarians except the selected one are immediately killed when this page is chosen.
    The selected librarian gains Max Light Capacity, Light Restoration, Strength, Protection, and Haste proportional to the number of librarians killed for the rest of the battle.”
    basically the solo floor… you can still submit characters tho since its not like ill be using that all the time

  • Floor of Social Science - Chesed: team works floor, give buffs based on how many librarians are still alive

  • Floor of Philosophy - Binah: birb

  • Floor of Regilion - Hokma: the block floor


  • General Works: 1/5

  • History: 3/5

  • Technological Science: 5/5
    tech. science

  • Literature: 3/5

  • Art: 5/5

  • Natural Science: 4/5

  • Language: 1/5

  • Social Science: 2/5 ( actually 3 but im lazy )
    soc. science

  • Philosophy: 2/5

  • Regilion: 2/5

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Here’s Kris!

  • Name: Kristen Waters
  • Height: 163 cm
  • Clothes: Brown long-sleeve shirt, leather boots, dark red scarf, musketeer hat
  • Hair Color: White
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Floor: Floor of Technological Science
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Oh wow, didn’t expect a LOR post.
If you mind… can you wait for my submission a little bit longer? Currently busy since it’s well… Christmas.

There is a surprising amount of LoR fans on the AO forums

Name: Adjutori Bezz
Height: 180 cm
Clothes: Titanium chestplate (no torso), fancy suit, warrior boots.

Hair: a quite curly but well maintained dark brown hair.
Eyes: Azure blue.
Floor: floor of art.

He can’t draw shit but it’s through fashion and bodybuilding that he makes aesthetic art :muscle::triumph:

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Idk wtf is this game but I’m here so hi

i put them in a library and make them fight to death ( except even death wont let them escape cause they will just be revived right after ) for the glory of miss Angela the director and head librarian of this Library.

yeah there isnt a deadline or anything lol, just reply to this whenevr

@Bio choose one
also would you want the title or would you rather i type in Kristen Waters completely?
( title and accesories are gained by performing specific feats/ combats so i cant really do much about it )


you can also give short description of their personality so i can edit their dialogue btw ( entrance, on death, ally death, enemy kill, victory )

name: Matthew Barion
height: 220 cm (a tad tall)
clothes: blue suit, blue headband, black pants and some blue-gold pauldrons.

hair: black, and incredibly messy
eye color: dark blue.
personality: just, incredibly polite and nice ig?
floor: Technological Science or Social Science


Kristen’s first win

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choose one

edit mb im blind, i turn the hair black later

Since people are beginning to fill up floors, I’ll throw my hat in the ring.
Name: Colin
Height: 186cm
Clothes: Jikan’s key page
Hair Style: Rather messy and unkempt
Hair and Eye Color: Dark brown hair and light blue eyes
Personality: Laid-back individual who’d prefer to not deal with all of the bloodshed.
Floor: Floor of Literature

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uh, the 4th one looks cool I guess


Nico Verdi
172 cm
salvador’s page/clothes would probably work best but maybe try walter or another zwei id

black-ish hair, yellow eyes
reserved, polite, formal, might show a little remorse for fallen guests

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Leo the Hydro Fist and Jasper

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which one?

floor and height?