Guess the Build/Curse

yea i understand though i just mean glass has no symbolism to ravenna, so i doubt symbolism or culture has any standing when characters are given curses

used those renders but no credit, life is sure grim as hell


he is saying that he made those images used by the topic creator but didnt get the credit

oh ight thanks for explaining

oh yeah i thought i did but i guess i forgot ill do it now

Captain Noor and Nasir look like they use heat related magics though just from appearance so idk about that

General Hassan: Im guessing he has a curse, since he looks the most powerful among the four. Probably either a magic curse, like ash, poison? Or a weapon like curse, similar to slash curse.

General Nasir: he buff, Im guessing he’s a warlord with the armour

Captain Khalida: most likely a knight, with the vitality weapon and funni sword

Captain Noor: berserker cuz m u s c l e

Empress Nilah: im guessing shes not good at combat or maybe doesnt even have magic at all. She seems like the wise ruler type.

Princess Kelia: she will either be like her mother, wise and not reliant on combat; or be very rash and independent. In the latter case she might have a decent build, but i doubt she will be a curse user, since her mother, Calvus and Wotan doesnt use one

Princess Kelia probably is somewhat reliant on combat as she is also called General Kelia by… someone