Hardest thing about each boss?

The hard part about Argos is just that he cheats and uses multiple abilities at the same time. He can be in the middle of his beast instinct move and unable to be attacked and fire off an shot that isn’t telegraphed because he’s moving about all over the place.

The hardest thing about this boss is that my lost spell suggestion came back to bite me in the ass. The buildup of swords/spears that always catches me off-guard.

regen is not an option under maria’s section

i agree with the current highest voted one on all of them


Bitch let me select more than 2 this women is HORRIBLE

i feel like “parries too much” should be added for some of the bosses, especially for carina like holy smokes lady stop parrying all of my bullets

cernyx should probably be added as well

My favorite is when he hides behind a pillar while he charges his orbital strike

Minamitsu Murasa- i mean Maria honestly isn’t THAT horrible, just kinda boring and poorly made.

Real problem with Argos is that the room is painfully small compared to his attack size

Where is the “digs herself into a hole” option?