Holy (RULE 22) ping vetex

The future is bright in Roblox…

Arcane Legacy was always the prodigy

i’m glad that we have our priorities straight

am i an incel for commenting this?

no its the ao forums its full of hormonal teenagers

should have waited a month for it to be a 1 year necropost

I’m making a necrobump dump at this point.


necrodumpy :hot_face:

(Morden if he was cool)

typo has just said he wants a piece of that “necrussy”

Nah Morden don’t got anything that mf staler than the saltines I found under the fridge

actually I can’t really think of any good examples of gyatt necromancers :thinking:

all the ones i know are too obscure media for you normies

It’s things like this that make me consider posting the Account Deletion topic more every day.

Stop gatekeeping poohead it’s time for smash or pass (SPOOKY UNDEAD EDITION :ghost:)

(this is a joke please do not post weird stuff ok ty :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)

get epic forum quotted

hi rb1

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hi rb1

I GYAT to get that character bundle soon!

I would rather this topic not be bumped