How much does ravenna cargo sell for at sameria

elf spotted

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just get a fast ketch and do ravenna frostmill, way faster since you wont have to wait for server to loadd each time too

I’m not grinding for a ship to grind for a better ship I’m sticking with the one I have now until I get a brig

well… if you want i can give you the 20k rn, im in a server so join if you want

I would take this but I’m at school so I can’t get on (they blocked roblox)

Yea man, samerian npcs have 20k gals limit now, so u can sell sail paterns for gals

damn, maybe another time then

Wait, ur loged in with ur roblox acc on a school computer??? U have the bigest balls ever lol

Yeah. And sameria to redwake is also 70 for some reason

Its not shared use computers

Palo town is 70 too. It’s capped guys. Just go Ravenna sameria

exactly why would i do all this extra ass sailing for the same price