If you could have any job in the entire world, what would it be?

I will burn the state you live in to the ground

Existing job:
Non-existing job:
Sofa tester

pfft okay

go ahead, try making arizona hotter, love to see you try.

bro done goofed :skull:

lmao arizona is already miserable I wouldn’t notice if broly scorched it ngl

ayo @AwesomeOS get yo’ ass in here

we need more firepower

professional toilet smasher

smash toilets with a hammer for a living :nod:

still nothing :yawning_face:

sounds like sweater weather :cold_face:

inferno fused magma time

sounds kinda chilly ngl

goated sogn!!!

my guy I will increase the temperature tenfold

Like I’d notice

:melting_face: :fu:

(please help me I hate arizona)

Go to death valley then I’ll consider feeling bad for you

I went there last spring it was hot as fuck, but you can run noticeably longer there than other places

I have and it’s like the same

I just hate arizona man

at least we have quicktrip gas stations

Hottest recorded tempature on earth was recorded in death vally

We have those in iowa and it’s the 11th coldest state in the US

thank you for this incredibly pointless factoid, it was pretty hot though.