Inseny's doodle thread

I totally forgot about this one unfinished piece of Katalina

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My friends made me do this.

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Oh no… She’s french :frowning:

Oh noooo

Non-AO related character, but I’ll still post him.
Here I’m playing around with Amb’s design since I’m totally rewriting his story. Now I feel like I should draw traditionally more often.

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I drew them both in one piece. That was supposed to be simply a quick sketch, but carried away… again. It’s still a sketch tho, just colored and a bit rendered.

I feel like they just go good together. They are quite simular

– Amb would most certainly have shadow magic if he was in AO
– they both kill attempting to make justice prevail
– they destroy
– both have purple main color theme
– black hair, they could be siblings
– both have abusive parents
– both are sexy af according to my friends
– and they are both my favorites



Non-AO related characters, again

Peak of modern art

WIP after a month of radio silence
Character of my friend

Iris doodle. Maybe will redo in digital and post it in art.
I can’t believe I made a colored artwork traditionally

Katalina doodle. Colours are fucked up a bit due to my laptop. Robe especially, it’s supposed to be more purple.

Relearning how to draw after a break.

Aaaah colored Katalina doodle