My heart is buried in rubica

tysm! I used a different lighting technique on this one (painted values in grayscale, then went in with colors afterwards) and despite the hassle I think it paid off :)) as for the limited colors, ever since i learned about analogous color theory, i just ran with it and never looked back :sweat_smile:

and yes, my boy is definitely goin through it

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Gosh this is really gut wrenching , good job making this scene :sob::sob::call_me_hand:

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And stole his weapons or clothes. :sob:

Revon isn’t the only ones crying. The citizens of Tiberia will be hearing a new tax law to fix the palace.

And it will involve windows!

ok but real talk how cool would it be if revon actually came back later in the story super strong and was a really difficult boss

He’s defiantly coming back, but I doubt he’ll be a difficult boss

He is going to come back with cataclysm

Nah, but my personal prediction could be the Sacrifice Curse. He could figuratively and literally give up everything just for revenge against the player.

He is probably gonna come back as a boss when we are like level 250

which rlly is salt in the wound, since ravenna has the literal GLASS CURSE in its possession :skull: :skull:

This is stunning.

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I mean I’ve had this account for a while I’ve just never used it when looking at the forum
but thanks

hey hows your brother?

MY HEART IS BURIED IN VENICE MENTIONED RAHHHHHHHHHH :heart_eyes_cat: :heart_eyes_cat: :heart_eyes_cat:

5 month necropost.

i remember having to level up to like 100 to beat calvus on my first time playing through, so i just broke a window a bunch and jumped out and escaped to other islands to level up LOL

mission impossible

necropost valid bc ricky montgomery enjoyer :fire::fire:

I’m not even mad he necroed this post because god damn this is an amazing piece

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