Offering things for sunken

thats on the devforum

Yes, Vetex will be that far down the line, but I don’t think I will.

alright fair

I don’t think I will ever be able to see AO in its full glory. :cry:

you can always come back in a year or 2, not to play, but just to see how far the game came
(didn’t mean to scam btw, I just wanted sunken so I offered basically everything i had)

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NONONONONO that was not a scam, I agreed to trade.

Also, I don’t think that was a bad deal for me. If I put the work into it I can get massive profits. (note that I do put the work in)


And to think that I just got active recently :skull:

Glad the trade was favorable to you. If ur interested, I’ll be making some more trades over the next few days till I get what I need.

You are actually a legend.

Ur trying to get the sunken armor for ur build I assume?

Yes. (I need to stop replying so much or I’m gonna hit the limit of 20 again ,'P)

Lol, we can chat in private messaging if you want. Also, do you still have the restriction after getting basic? You can direct message me, we will talk on that. If you also want me to make a post on behalf of you in the future, just ask me.

Basic trust? Bro I needed that just to do anything in the market. I couldn’t reply or post or comment or anything here until I got to 5 mins. dw too much about it, I’ll just make paragraphs so I don’t hit it right away. Though it does help when u wright a paragraph to.

I can also edit things, so if I’m the most recent one to say anything I can just edit.

Thx. Imma be doing homework now, so it’ll be a while before my next break.

RIP. Well alright, gl with ur trading.

the underpay is real

I mean, I took the trade with 1 less set of easter eggs as per fighter’s request

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