Rate and suggest some builds

Updated build its a better version now

Add any modif other alantean on the power amulet

balanced team either nerfed my build or this isn’t too accurate :sob:
what gear should I use to get the same stats as the first pic?

edit- im a dumbass I didn’t lvl up my gear LMAOO

Atk speed and agility

nice seeing high agility and atk speed W

if you still need to find a way to get more power, swap the atlantean essence off your theu hat and onto your cernyx faulds, and replace both of the jewels with ones that don’t givepower (lapis lazuli or agates are feasible)
since your enchantment and jewels on the theu are giving power, the atlantean modifier is as well

Saw this again so I gotta respond to the original post again

oh nah my dumbass forgot it was a lvl one vatros chestplate I actually have 125 pwr just like the pic

pretty sure my lightning step is enough


All of them

i wanna see the actually viable 150 pow

this is my take on a viable build with a lot of pow

lightning conjurer build

we hate drawback

why no drawback, i run 3 on my main and i’m fine

(also i do want suggestions, I feel like people will be mad at me if I run attack size and I also don’t want to be 0 agi)

Yeah anything above 10 is kinda a problem I have 5 drawback and it’s literally impossible to kill my self with it

What class?

the build I posted here is going on a crystal iron leg warlock

then again they’re a crystal conjurer rn and I’m not sure if that idea would make me a metamancer (i want to avoid being one somewhat, there’s a difference between strong and metamancing)

not in the mood to grind these items for my light conjurer :sob:


What armor set do you suggest for defence/att Spd build?
Crystalline titanium, cernyx or dark bronze?

P. S. i intentionally excluded sunken warrior