Recruiting for the new guild Moonlight Sorcerers

Guild Name: Moonlight Sorcerers
Guild Owner: Soaring_Kaijiro
Guild Status: Neutral
Looking for: 2 Deputy Sorcerers, Sorcery Students.

The Moonlight Sorcerers is a new guild that is looking for important roles that can not be decided after they have been taken unless under certain conditions so now is your time to join if you would like.
We have many systems and we also have a site for the rules, forms, systems, and ranks all in one so you don’t have to spend time searching for different information, all you need will be in #help-guide channel in our discord server. Our guild worships no gods, this guild is not meant to be an extremely formal guild, it is more meant to feel like friends while also being serious. We have things such as parties which is where a party leader holds a event where you do something within World of Magic, Ex. Fighting bosses would be a party in its own. There will be more on that on the site.

Looking forward to new sorcerers!
“Sorcery is the reason we live, we die, and why we stand before the world.”

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Isn’t guild recruitment not allowed right now?

not that i know of my bad if i made a mistake, i can delete the post

yeah, looks like it is

just ping a mod, they’ll close it for you

k thanks lol

Guild recruitments are, in fact, closed for the time being.