Regeneration is extremely broken and needs a hot fix/ fast nerf

yeah sparrow thrust is pretty massive with a low cd

That’s a straight up lie lol, defence and power have been basically optional since the dark sea update.

I wouldn’t say optional, but much less needed is true

fully optional actually lol

completely necessary.

Defence is fully optional this meta, I don’t know what the fuck you’re on

This update’s meta is Mages N Warriors with Size and Power

didn’t you just say that power is optional? Unless what you were saying includes having a worse build, but that makes every stat optional.

Because Power is meta but optional, Dark Sea made Power and Defence optional but meta builds right now ruin high power and size

this meta sure!

beforehand it was fundamentally not possible to beat a meta build without having one yourself or 400 attack speed

meta is stupid.

return to intensity wind :sunglasses:

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And meta builds were never defence builds? There hasn’t been a single update where Defence was the meta stat, it’s just stayed decently good all along, until Nimbus we’re it got gutted

Regeneration is the new defense.