Reminders for AO (Part 3)

always be ready

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Wait does it mean that the magic bar is now the energy bar?

it has been the energy bar for a while, fighting styles and weapons have been planned to use energy for a while now

it was originally going to be post awakening but it seems like vetex is moving some post awakening stuff to before awakenings


the fighting-styles-use-energy-instead-of-stamina change is now out!

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hope vetex gets better :pray:

Ain’t that video like 7 years old?

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Lord really just give vitality-builds the middle finger lmao

edit: im dumb

Less that and more just insured they don’t get a bad rep.

vitality builds are fine, only warden is an issue

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wtf vetex was gassin up savant so much just to put it off until next awakening what a sellout :skull:

Well they were speculations in the beginning + can change if it’s not good enough

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you can literally go berserker or mage if you want 2nd magic or 2nd fighting style. not only that but you literally doing no damage and on topic of all that you dont even have that many moves

He said they would be one of the flashiest builds in game during the late game, 2nd awakening certainly qualifies as more late than anything.

You could also just go berserker if you wanted a second fighting style instead of going warlock or warlord :person_shrugging:
And hybrid builds get their hybrid scaling so damage isn’t an issue, and they just have a wider spread of abilities than anything

only sock and divanochi lol



wdym, the only thing it lost for first awakening was the damage boost


twitter is goofy


I am jealous of vetex’s UI how the hell can you think its bad

UI looks Ten times better than something from bee swarm simulator or something, it’s an enormous update from WoM