Renown Calculator

If anyone was wanting to calculate how much renown they’d gain or lose from killing/dying when hunting another player.

Calculates gain/loss of 2 players with different amounts of renown killing eachother during a bounty.

The gain and loss are based on whoever has the lowest amount of renown in the kill. - Helps keeps low ranking people from affecting the leaderboard without having to farm/kill at all.

There’s a 20% tax applied to the gain. - For inflation

And renown is gained at the base rate of 4k up until both players surpass 125k renown. - So bounty hunting is worth while early on.

Unless either player has less than 5k renown. Go mop the floors or something.


Not a tool I see myself using but still pretty pog :poggers2:

Pretty cool, might use it in the future to way the odds of interfering in a battle or something. Thanks for sharing.

There’s like more math if it’s like multiple people hunting 1 person, but decided wasn’t worth posting.

Good to know, I’ll keep that in mind