Say a secret confession here (AO)

cuz it’s not 1:1 with the actual one piece setting, so we’ll have to improvise

Oh I thought you meant you were creating your own One Piece story. I’ll be interested. I was already going to create Doflamingo or Van Auger

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i wanna ask @ThatOneGuy a slightly personal question

go ahead

I murder people who say fire gang is not on top.
(fire gang winning :fire_magic: )



So you’re aromantic, right?

And you have a girlfriend, yeah?

It’s just that…eh…?

Like, don’t get me wrong, I really do respect you, but I sort of wonder why you’d be in a relationship if you don’t love your partner. It just doesn’t make sense (to me), since a girlfriend is definitionally a romantic partner, so it’s logical that you’d love each other, right?

(sorry if i sound offensive)



No offense taken or anything. I get it. I already “broke up” with her once because the situation is confusing for most people, including herself. I definitely see her as more of just a general partner, a good friend and a few other things I dare not say on the forums. I love her, platonically, but she’s into me romantically. I don’t have any issues with that so I kind of just play the boyfriend role. That’s pretty much it. We also both share a desire for a few kids in the future but that’s years away. I’ve learned now with dealing with a kitten that I am not ready for babies, nearly killed that thing for waking me up omfg.

side note: one of my buddies described to me about how one of her aromantic buddies lives together with their best friend and that literally sounded like heaven, I’m envious of people who got this whole thing down.

Hopefully that answers it.

oh ok, i get it, just thought it was weird since girlfriend + aromantic partner = weird


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